Star Wars Original Trilogy Edible Icing SetThe force will be strong with the lucky padawan who scores a special birthday cake made with this collection of edible Star Wars edible icing transfers. The easiest way to transform any rectangular cake into a a Star Wars surprise, just place the edible icing square onto the center of your tasty treat and you are good to go. With transfers depicting fan favorites from both the original trilogy and the new movies, perfect for fans both old and young. Round out the ideal birthday cake with some classic Star Wars  toppers and figurines and complete the birthday celebration with a Darth Vader pinata set.

Star Wars Original Trilogy Edible Icing Set

Depicting some of the most famous scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope, this edible icing character decoration set is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of the Star Wars fan by paying homage to the movie that started it all. With dark and rich colors, this edible image is easy to apply to any rectangular cake and will impress your friends and family.

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Star Wars Luke Skywalker Darth Vader Cake TopperWhether you are preparing a Star Wars based celebration for a fan of the original movies of the 1970’s and 1980’s, or your child is a fan of the latest three movies or even the hit cartoon series, The Clone Wars, don’t settle for any old boring birthday cake when you can add a touch of Star Wars magic with this collection of decoration accessories, including cake toppers, Darth Vader pans and candles for a very special boy or girl.

Star Wars Cake Toppers

Recreate one of the most famous in cinematic history on any regular cake with this collection of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader figurines. With light up lightsabers, you can accurately portray pivotal scenes from either The Empire Strikes Back or Return Of The Jedi as Luke faces his father to save both his soul and to defeat the evil empire. One set features 4″ tall images of the Jedi’s with matching toppers depicting the emblems of The Empire and The Republic. The other, features the same light up figurines without the emblems with a saving of a couple of dollars. Both sets are officially licensed and are suitable to be used multiple times.

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Wilton Mickey Mouse Face Head Cake Pan TinStop wasting money on expensive store bought birthday cakes when you can save your hard earned dollars and produce your own Mickey Mouse cake quickly and easily in your own kitchen with this collection of quality Wilton pans. You will be able to bake a stunning replica of Mickey Mouse’s face and head with these Disney tins containing detailed cooking and decorating instructions. The pan measures 13″ x 12″ and is 2″ deep which means plenty of yummy treat for everyone and with its high grade aluminum construction, this tin will stand up to years of use while ensuring your cakes will cook evenly throughout.

To top off your home made masterpiece, consider sprinkling the area with these Mickey Mouse shaped sprinkles. These delicious edible lollies will add that extra special touch and any left overs will be perfect as filler to be included in party bags or bowls of mixed lollies.

Mickey Mouse Cake Decoration Sprinkles

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Spiderman Web Birthday Cake CandleSince the dawn of the comic book age, boys of all ages have dreamt of having super powers to be combat evil in the world and to fly in and save the day while hiding in society with a carefully crafted alter ego. At their next birthday party you can help your child live out their superhero fantasies for less than $10 by adding one of these quality Superman, Spiderman or Batman candles to their birthday cake.

Spiderman Birthday Cake Candles

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Sesame Street Elmo Grove Plane Cake TopperWhy settle for a second rate birthday cake for your child’s next anniversary when you can transform a regular rectangular or round cake into an artistic creation easily with a little bit of icing and one of more of these high quality character toppers featuring Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street.

This birthday cake topper featuring both Elmo and Grover in this vintage style airplane is perfect for the Sesame Street fan who is also obsessed with planes. Create an airfield (like shown in the picture) or even just create a sky vista with a blue icing base with some white fluffy clouds made from piped icing and you will have transformed a regular cake into a magical cake, with Elmo and Grover flying through the sky.

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Disney Tinkerbell Birthday Figurine Cake Topper 2 Year oldThere is no better way to make your child’s big birthday even more special then to top their birthday cake with a Tinkerbelltopper that proudly displays just how old they are turning. This collection of Tinkerbell character cake decorations are from the Disney Showcase selection, so you are assured that these Tinkerbell decorations are made with the highest quality. There are 10 birthday figurine designs to choose from, one each for every age from 0 to 9, all prominently featuring Disney’s most famous fairy and a large number corresponding with your child’s age. [click to continue…]

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Wilton Spongebob Squarepants Cake PanNo longer do you need to pay exorbitant bakery prices to treat your child to a Spongebob Squarepant’s birthday cake on their special day this year. These professional quality tins and pans will have you cooking picture perfect Spongebob treats quickly and easily. Each pan comes with detailed cooking and decorating instructions which will ensure that you make a perfect cake everytime.

Wilton Spongebob Squarepants Cake Tin.

Everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon seafaring star will make a big splash at your next party. The pan measures 13 1/2 x 11 3/4 x 2 deep and is made from high quality aluminum to ensure longevity and even cooking every time. The included detailed cooking and decorating instructions will have your cake looking like it was made by a professional.

Wilton Spongebob Squarepants Cooked Cake Tin Pan

Spongebob Squarepants Aluminum Cake Tin PAnSpongebob Squarepants Excited Cake Tin

This detailed tin features a full body Spongebob facing straight ahead with his trademark smile, ready to greet your child on their special day. Made from high quality aluminum, this pan takes 1 full packet of mix and measures 11″ x 12″ x 2″. This character decoration has detailed cooking and decorating instructions included. You will be extremely satisfied with how easy these professional quality cake pans will make creating your own Spongebob cake in your own home.

Spongebob Squarepants Aluminum Cooked

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Spongebob Squarepants Treasure Chest Birthday Cake CandleImagine the squeals of delight from your little boy or girl when you bring out their next birthday cake and they see that it is topped with one of these highly detailed Spongebob Squarepants candles.

The Spongebob Treasure Chest Candle decoration is hand painted and stands at 3 1/2″ high, making it the ideal centerpiece for any birthday cake. The candle features the Nickelodeon favorite popping out of a wooden treasure chest filled with gold coins and loot. Made with the world famous Wilton quality and attention to detail, this clean burning candle is the perfect addition to your child’s next party.

The Spongebob Squarepants Burger Candle features the wonderful cartoon character resting with an enormous hamburger ready to be eaten and a happy grin on his face. This candle measures just over 2 1/2″ and is handpainted to further highlight the terrific and intricate details.

Spongebob Squarepants Burger Birthday Cake CandlePurchase these and hundred more terrific Character Cake Decorations at

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A girls birthday is her most special day of the year, the one day where fairy tales can come true and they are treated like a princess at their own royal gala. Make their special day even more memorable by complimenting their birthday cake with this range of the best Disney birthday candle decorations for girls, featuring popular Disney characters Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Ariel and Winnie the Pooh.

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Candles for Girls

Tinkerbell Candle Set Tinkerbell Molded Birthday Cake Candle Tinkerbell Fairy Birthday Cake Candles

A long time favorite of girls all around the world, watch your child’s face light up with amazement as they blow out their very own Tinkerbell candle. This selection of Tinkerbell candles will add that last magical touch to your child’s next cake. These quality decorations show the world’s most popular Disney fairy in a variety of poses. All of these candles are 3 inches high to allow maximum visibility and are hand painted for that extra touch of class.

Cinderella Birthday Cake Candles

Cinderella Tower Birthday Cake Candle Cinderella Carriage Birthday Wedding Cake Candle Cinderella Birthday Cake Candle

Turn your daughters next birthday into a royal gala with this collection of Cinderella birthday decorations. These Cinderella candles come in a range of styles, including Cinderella standing in front of a clock tower at the stroke of midnight and a stunning detailed replication of her magical pumpkin carriage. Turn any cake into something special and show your little girl that fairy tales can come true with the addition of one of these stunning Disney Princess character decorations to her next birthday cake.

Disney Princess Ariel: The Little Mermaid Birthday Candles

Ariel Little Mermaid Character Candle Decoration Ariel Character Cake Decoration Candle

Your daughter may not be able to live out her dreams by living under the sea, but the addition of these little mermaid candles to her next birthday cake may be the next best thing. The full body Ariel character candle decoration is stunning in its detail, with Ariel holding the wick of the candle in her left hand. The other little mermaid candle design features Ariel in mermaid form sitting inside her iconic shell. Either of these candle designs are sure to please the Ariel or Disney Princess fan in your life and will be the perfect decoration addition to your next birthday or celebration.

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Candles

Winnie Honey 1st Birthday Candle character decoration Winnie Present Birthday Candle character cake decoration Winnie Balloon Birthday Candle cake decoration

Disney has produced a wide variety of Winnie the Pooh cake candles, perfect for your child’s next birthday cake. Choose from candles explicitly detailing that it is your child’s first, second or third birthday or choose a more generic design, including Pooh holding balloons or presents (and honey of course), perfect for boys or girls of any age. At least one of these candle decoration will put a smile on your child’s face and will be the perfect accessory to their special birthday cake.

Winnie Pooh 1st Birthday candle cake decoration Winnie 2nd Birthday Cake Candle Decorations Winnie Pooh 3rd Birthday candle cake decoration

Disney Princess Candle set – Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel and Jasmine

Disney Princess Candle Set Snow White Jasmine Ariel Belle Aurora

This unique Disney Princess candle set features the 6 most popular Princesses, including Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, Cinderella and Belle. Featuring 6 individual candles in the likeness of the Disney characters, the package includes a royal castle topper or centerpiece. Give your daughter a perfect princess birthday by complimenting their cake with this Disney candle package.

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Cars 2 Edible Icing Cake TopperGet your child fully revved up for their next birthday party with this collection of Cars 2 Edible Icing Transfers, each officially licensed from Disney Pixar. The first cartoon transfer features a large graphic of Number 95, Lightning McQueen with some of his European Grand Prix rivals from the new Cars movie, racing through the streets of London in front of Big Ben. The graphic is completed by the official Cars 2 Logo emblazoned on the bottom right hand corner.

The icing sheet measures 7.5″ across, making this transfer ideal for birthday treat 8″ and larger. With complete instructions you will just need a plainly iced cake, this topper, a little bit of icing for decoration and if your cake is significantly larger than 8″, you could add some of these terrific Cars toppers for an even greater visual effect.

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