Make The Perfect Ben 10 Cake With These Cake Toppers And Edible Icing Sets

Ben10 Edible Image Cake TopperYou might not be able to grant your child their ultimate wish of having their very own Omnitrix so that they can transform into 10 different aliens to help save the Earth from an evil alien overlord, but you can give them the next best thing with a terrific birthday cake with these Ben 10 toppers and edible icing sets. These character decorations will not only look great, but because you will be able to make your child’s next Ben10 cake quickly and cheaply yourself, you are sure to save a fortune.

Ben 10 Character Cake Toppers

Ben10 Cake Topper Set Ben10 Ultimate Character Cake Topper Set

The ideal way to transform any regular square or rectangular cake into a Ben10 masterpiece that your children will adore, all you will need is some simple colored icing and this selection of Ben10 toppers. The Ben10 Ultimate Alien topper set features the cartoon superhero with an additional two alien figurines. Included with the set are suggested icing and decorating instructions and with their specially crafted rubber bottoms, these figurines are re-usable. Another option is this Ben10 cake figurine set, which features a 3″ tall 3D Ben figurine and 3 additional alien toppers which can be stood up or laid flat to suit your decorating needs. For a small outlay for these toppers, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in professional cake decorating fees.

Ben10 Edible Cake Icing Sets

Ben10 Ultimatrix Edible Cake Topper Ben10 Edible Image Cake Topper

The easiest way to make your own Ben10 style cake, just take any regular 8 inch rectangular cake and gently lay on-top one of these highly detailed edible icing overlays. TheĀ Ben10 Ultimatirx edible image icing set features a large image of Ben surrounded by his alien alter-egos, while the green Ben10 edible icing set displays Ben10 in all of his superhero glory. 10 minutes to put some matching colored icing around the outside and your cake is ready to wow your friends and family.

Complete The Perfect Ben10 Party With The Ultimate Ben10 Party Pack

Just about everything you need in one package to create the ultimate Ben 10 party for your child and up to 15 additional friends, this collection contains 1 mylar balloon,12 balloons, Ben10 birthday candles,a decorative table cover, two 75′ curling ribbon rolls and two 81′ crepe seamer rolls. To make sure that your guests don’t go home hungry and to perfectly display the hand crafted birthday cake, the set features either 8 or 16 Ben10 plastic dinner plates, dessert bowls, plastic drinking cups, forks and spoons with matching character napkins. The included Ben10 invitations will ensure your child’s friends will know they are in for a special Ben 10 occasion.

Ben10 Alien Force Party Pack For 8 or 16

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