Create A Tinkerbell Cake Using Cake Toppers

Adding an official cake topper in the likeness of a famous cartoon or TV character has long been an easy way to transform a regular cake into something spectacular. By using either a store bought plain cake or creating a simple cake in your own kitchen, the scenes that can be created are only limited by the colors of icing at your disposal and a little bit of imagination. Here are some terrific examples of how people have created memoriable Tinkerbell cakes at home using some of the Tinkerbell cake toppers reviewed on this site.

Tinkerbell Enchanted Forest Cake


A stunning cake that I’m sure was talked about for years after the party, this cake was simply created with simple circle cakes of different sizes, iced in different colors and than stacked on top of each other. What makes this cake stand out is the use of the Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends cake toppers, places around the multiple levels of this cake, which give the impression that this cake is a wonderful pixie land.

Tinkerbell Fairy Topper Cake


As you can see from this video, this cake is a regular rectangular cake that can be bought from any grocery or convenience store cheaply, with some simple decorative icing added to give the cake some style and a large Tinkerbell cake topper added as the main focal point. This cake could have been enhanced even further by adding the lucky child’s name using an icing piper in the space below the Tinkerbell topper.

Tinkerbell Fairies In The Garden


This is undoubtedly an advanced cake beyond the ability of most at home cake decorators, but it is a perfect illustration of how character cake toppers can be used to enhance even a professional quality cake.

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