Tinkerbell Cake FigurineThis 6 piece Tinkerbell and her fairy friends from Pixie Hollow will give your next birthday cake that professional looking edge. Guaranteed to create the perfect memory for the special fairy or princess fan in your life, once you use this topper on your next home made creation your friends and family will be amazed that you have been able to produce a gourmet quality Tinkerbell cake in your own kitchen.

The included Tinkerbell figurine features the world’s most famous fairy crouching innocently, with her wings proudly on display. Four of her friends from the movie join her, including SilverMist. Each of the character toppers sit on bases that feature a design pattern underneath that can be used as an unique stamper. This set includes an ink pad – which could be used to help decorate the birthday invitations. Completing the set is a cute as button green flower.

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Disney Tinkerbell Birthday Figurine Cake Topper 2 Year oldThere is no better way to make your child’s big birthday even more special then to top their birthday cake with a Tinkerbelltopper that proudly displays just how old they are turning. This collection of Tinkerbell character cake decorations are from the Disney Showcase selection, so you are assured that these Tinkerbell decorations are made with the highest quality. There are 10 birthday figurine designs to choose from, one each for every age from 0 to 9, all prominently featuring Disney’s most famous fairy and a large number corresponding with your child’s age. [click to continue…]

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A girls birthday is her most special day of the year, the one day where fairy tales can come true and they are treated like a princess at their own royal gala. Make their special day even more memorable by complimenting their birthday cake with this range of the best Disney birthday candle decorations for girls, featuring popular Disney characters Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Ariel and Winnie the Pooh.

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Candles for Girls

Tinkerbell Candle Set Tinkerbell Molded Birthday Cake Candle Tinkerbell Fairy Birthday Cake Candles

A long time favorite of girls all around the world, watch your child’s face light up with amazement as they blow out their very own Tinkerbell candle. This selection of Tinkerbell candles will add that last magical touch to your child’s next cake. These quality decorations show the world’s most popular Disney fairy in a variety of poses. All of these candles are 3 inches high to allow maximum visibility and are hand painted for that extra touch of class.

Cinderella Birthday Cake Candles

Cinderella Tower Birthday Cake Candle Cinderella Carriage Birthday Wedding Cake Candle Cinderella Birthday Cake Candle

Turn your daughters next birthday into a royal gala with this collection of Cinderella birthday decorations. These Cinderella candles come in a range of styles, including Cinderella standing in front of a clock tower at the stroke of midnight and a stunning detailed replication of her magical pumpkin carriage. Turn any cake into something special and show your little girl that fairy tales can come true with the addition of one of these stunning Disney Princess character decorations to her next birthday cake.

Disney Princess Ariel: The Little Mermaid Birthday Candles

Ariel Little Mermaid Character Candle Decoration Ariel Character Cake Decoration Candle

Your daughter may not be able to live out her dreams by living under the sea, but the addition of these little mermaid candles to her next birthday cake may be the next best thing. The full body Ariel character candle decoration is stunning in its detail, with Ariel holding the wick of the candle in her left hand. The other little mermaid candle design features Ariel in mermaid form sitting inside her iconic shell. Either of these candle designs are sure to please the Ariel or Disney Princess fan in your life and will be the perfect decoration addition to your next birthday or celebration.

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Candles

Winnie Honey 1st Birthday Candle character decoration Winnie Present Birthday Candle character cake decoration Winnie Balloon Birthday Candle cake decoration

Disney has produced a wide variety of Winnie the Pooh cake candles, perfect for your child’s next birthday cake. Choose from candles explicitly detailing that it is your child’s first, second or third birthday or choose a more generic design, including Pooh holding balloons or presents (and honey of course), perfect for boys or girls of any age. At least one of these candle decoration will put a smile on your child’s face and will be the perfect accessory to their special birthday cake.

Winnie Pooh 1st Birthday candle cake decoration Winnie 2nd Birthday Cake Candle Decorations Winnie Pooh 3rd Birthday candle cake decoration

Disney Princess Candle set – Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel and Jasmine

Disney Princess Candle Set Snow White Jasmine Ariel Belle Aurora

This unique Disney Princess candle set features the 6 most popular Princesses, including Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, Cinderella and Belle. Featuring 6 individual candles in the likeness of the Disney characters, the package includes a royal castle topper or centerpiece. Give your daughter a perfect princess birthday by complimenting their cake with this Disney candle package.

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The perfTinkerbell Cupcake Patty Cake Linersect treat for the Tinkerbell fan, your next batch of cupcakes will be even tastier set inside this wonderful set of Tinkerbell Cup Cake Liners.

Made with the Disney seal of quality, this set of 24 Tinkerbell liners will have your daughter leaping for joy and will provide an even bigger treat as they reach the bottom of their cupcake and see Tinkerbell happy face smiling back at them.

Order these Tinkerbell Cup Cake Liners now from Amazon while they remain available at this special limited edition price.

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Adding an official cake topper in the likeness of a famous cartoon or TV character has long been an easy way to transform a regular cake into something spectacular. By using either a store bought plain cake or creating a simple cake in your own kitchen, the scenes that can be created are only limited by the colors of icing at your disposal and a little bit of imagination. Here are some terrific examples of how people have created memoriable Tinkerbell cakes at home using some of the Tinkerbell cake toppers reviewed on this site.

Tinkerbell Enchanted Forest Cake


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