Cars 2 Edible Icing Cake Decoration Topper

Cars 2 Edible Icing Cake TopperGet your child fully revved up for their next birthday party with this collection of Cars 2 Edible Icing Transfers, each officially licensed from Disney Pixar. The first cartoon transfer features a large graphic of Number 95, Lightning McQueen with some of his European Grand Prix rivals from the new Cars movie, racing through the streets of London in front of Big Ben. The graphic is completed by the official Cars 2 Logo emblazoned on the bottom right hand corner.

The icing sheet measures 7.5″ across, making this transfer ideal for birthday treat 8″ and larger. With complete instructions you will just need a plainly iced cake, this topper, a little bit of icing for decoration and if your cake is significantly larger than 8″, you could add some of these terrific Cars toppers for an even greater visual effect.

cars 2 edible icing transfer

cars lightning mcqueen edible icing transfer

The Lightning McQueen 1st To The Finish edible icing transfer is another fantastic product that will transform a boring cake into a birthday masterpiece. This icing transfer image is easy to apply, just follow the included instruction, gently peal the backing and gently place onto your baked treat and you are set to go. Designed for items 8″ and larger and manufactured by Decopac, this edible transfer features a large graphic of Lightning McQueen as he races his competitors under a stylized “Lightyear” black tyre.

cars edible cake transfer topper

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